What Should Be Included in Post-Construction Cleaning Services?

What Should Be Included in Post-Construction Cleaning Services?

Do not let the first impression be your last.

Sometimes, construction cleaning is an afterthought. It is an essential part of any construction project. Clients will feel disappointed if the job site is not cleaned up properly, regardless of construction quality.

One common misconception about post construction cleaning is that it is just like regular maintenance cleaning.

Cleaning in new construction buildings presents some challenges. Ordinary vacuum cleaners can be destroyed by builders dust. Tape residue is left behind on floors by placing paper down to prevent them from being damaged. This tape residue requires special cleaners. Stickers on new windows must be removed or shaved.

This type of cleanup is not something you can trust anyone to do. Each cleaning company is different. Not all have the equipment, cleaners and “know-how” necessary to do the job right. We have compiled a list of things you can expect from your cleaning company to help you make the right decision about a partner for post-construction cleaning.

The Best Post-Construction Cleaning Services

When choosing post-construction cleaning services, don’t settle for less. You could be embarrassed or lose your property to a bad company. You should ensure that the company you select offers the following:

A Itemized List

It is a common error to not have a defined scope when hiring a cleaner. It is crucial to have a defined scope for a project after construction, as it is very different from routine cleaning.

Companies with extensive experience should be sought out as they can help you build your scope. Their expertise will allow you to identify areas that need cleaning that you might not have considered.

Also, make sure you include any cleaners required for the job in your scope. Some cleaners will not ask for environmentally friendly solutions.

Proactive Communication

A cleaning company that assumes too much can lead to costly mistakes. A company must communicate clearly and provide regular updates about the progress of work.

Services keeps you informed about our progress through clear communication and frequent updates. You will often find photos of job performance in our progress updates so that you can keep track of how the job is going. The company you hire should do the same.

Detail-Based Cleaning

Because every job is unique, it’s difficult to establish a process for construction cleaning. Teams can use a scripted process for regular janitorial services to make sure nothing is missed. Post-construction requires team members to be meticulous.

One example is janitorial. The tops of doors and corners of rooms are not cleaned daily. They must be cleaned after the project is complete to get rid of all dust.

Umbrella Insurance

You can make sure that your post-construction cleanup crew is competent by checking their insurance. Inexperienced companies often neglect umbrella insurance and put your project at risk.

It is easy to verify that the company providing post-construction cleaning services has insurance. This will allow you to assess their expertise and weed out companies that don’t adhere strictly with safety regulations. Insurance companies often require that the insured wear appropriate PPE and take precautions at the jobsite.

A quality track record

The barrier to entry for post-construction cleaning is low. Two guys and a pickup can quickly become a business with little experience. A company with experience and knowledge is the best.

It’s worth your time to do research on the companies you are interested in. See what customers have to say about them. This will help you to identify the right companies for you.