Classic Piece of Furniture Every Home Should Have

Classic Piece of Furniture Every Home Should Have

Do you need extra storage or somewhere to put your picture frames and plants? The credenza is a cabinet-style storage option that adds style and functionality to any space. Although most credenzas originated in the dining area, some variations can be used in any room.

Credenzas are usually designed with specific features. However, if you need a credenza that serves a different purpose, consider a sideboard or buffet. These pieces are all related to the low-and long credenza.

What is a Credenza?

Semper says a credenza is a piece of furniture made from cabinets most commonly found in the dining area. Credenzas can be used for additional storage, but they are also good storage cabinets. Credenzas, both low and wide, can be used as a serving surface or display surface, depending on the use of the piece.

Credenzas are commonly found in gathering spaces. However, they can also be used in any room in the home, such as an entryway console or hallway console or additional storage in a home’s office. Sampler states that credenzas are a great option because they offer both styles and closed storage.

What are the Key Features of a Credenza

Credenzas come in many sizes, finishes and styles. You can incorporate them into your existing design and aesthetic. Although the design of your credenza will vary, there are some common features that all credenzas share:

  • Cabinet-style storage
  • Forms in long- and low-profile
  • Legs very short or no legs
  • Sliding doors or cabinet-style doors
  • Glass doors are possible for display

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Credenzas: The History

Credenzas, like many important furniture pieces, have a fascinating history. Sempliner claims that the Italian word credenza, which means “belief” and “trust”, gave rise to the name. The credenza was a term that referred to servants sampling food and drinks to make sure they were safe. It was used in the 16th century. This name was given to the furniture in which the food and drink were stored.

A few hundred years later, credenzas were again in high demand as Scandinavian designers crafted long- and low-end cabinets with or without legs.

The original 16th-century credenzas were more architectural in style, with a stone top and columns. Today’s credenzas have a sleeker design and more modern finishes, paying homage to the Scandinavian revival.

Different types of credenzas

Although credenzas are still used in dining rooms, they have evolved to serve other roles in the home. These are some credenza-style furniture pieces that you might want to include in your space.


A buffet is similar to the historic credenza. It usually sits in the dining area to serve food and store dinnerware. Buffets have plenty of storage like credenzas but are taller and more slender than credenzas.


A sideboard is similar to a buffet. It can be found in a dining area or kitchen and has more storage than other pieces of furniture. A sideboard is the prototype of today’s kitchen cabinet.


Although a console looks and functions exactly like a credenza but is used to store media in the living room or family room, it is also called a console. A console could also be a low, long table with no cabinets, placed against the wall or behind a sofa to display decor.


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